Whenever you encounter difficulty on the road or experience some accident, you cannot deny the need for help. Whether you need a towing service to transfer your car to a mechanical shop, or you need to be hauled after an accident, tow truck drivers are the ones whom you could rely on. They serve the public diligently and they are some of the unseen heroes on the road.  

Being a tow truck driver is not easy. They need to have the necessary training, licensing, and certifications in order to be qualified to serve the public on the road. They provide different roadside services for automobiles in any part of the state. In this article, we will deepen your sense of appreciation to these unseen heroes as we share with you the five hardest part of being a tow truck driver: 

1.They are exposed to dangerous surroundings 

Whenever they are accidents, tow truck drivers are quick to respond, and this does not give them ample time for finding a safe location. If the place already pose danger to small automobiles, this means that it also imposes threat and danger to bigger trucks like what they carry.  

2.They need to deal with the other motorists 

They need to be in the middle of the road while other vehicles are speeding up. The chances of the tow truck to get hit by reckless drivers while taking care of your vehicle is very high. Knowing that they are very big, small vehicles may take advantage of speeding up and even getting near the truck. This is very dangerous and can cause accidents and injuries.  

3.You call them in bad weather 

Whatever the weather is, so long as someone calls for help, they are expected to respond. Even this entails a rocky road or inconvenience because of the bad weather, tow truck drivers always welcome your need for help. Not only they need to handle their own loads in the middle of heavy rain, but they are also expected to handle with care the vehicle they are towing. This serves them extra burden given the fact that the tow truck they are driving is heavy and difficult enough. A tiny mistake on a slippery road in a heavy rain could potentially cause accidents and injuries.  

4.They are exposed to distractions  

Our tow truck drivers are always prone to distractions, internal or external. External distractions include other reckless drivers, small vehicles, the weight they are towing, bad weather, and others, while internal distractions include overfatigue because of their work, hunger, and thirst while driving long hours on the road, and the need to go to the toilet. Being self-aware is a very important thing that all tow drivers need to develop. 

5.There are road navigations 

Because they are maneuvering a huge truck and at the same time carrying a vehicle on their back, narrow lanes, twisting rods, and potholes are ten times harder for these drivers to overcome. Apart from the normal road hazards, their huge trucks and extra weight from the towed car make them very vulnerable and more susceptible to accidents.