Reckless driving is one of the causes of accidents on the road, and some of these accidents result in death, car damage, and property damage. Most of this recklessness is caused by a driver who consistently uses his/her phone. Sadly, despite the news of automobile crashes due to reckless driving, there are still a lot of people who cannot avoid using their phones while driving.  

No matter how you try to be careful on the road, so long as there are individuals who do this, you will never be completely safe. What makes this difficult is that you cannot spot them until it is too late; they already hit your car, or worse, a collision already happened. Remember to be always ready when these things happen like calling a tow truck and emergency. 

To avoid casualties, we will share with you some advice on how to present accidents by avoiding reckless drivers who are busied by their phones: 

1.Keep a Safe Distance from Any Cars 

This is a very safe approach to bring avoidant of potential reckless cars. By keeping a safe distance, you are able to minimize the chances of accidents and potential collisions. For example, if you stay a few meters behind the car in front of you, you will begin to notice how they behave and peek the driver’s seat and see what they are doing.  

2.Observe Other Cars 

This can be a little bit tricky. Of course, as a driver, you need to put your full attention on your wheels and your own car. However, to be safe from accidents and potential reckless drivers, you need to be a little bit observant of how the cars around you behave as well as what the drivers are doing. This requires a balance between the two. To be certain, you can use your mirrors and observe other drivers when it is safe to do so for 30-60 seconds.  

Keep your attention on the road while also observe cars and their behaviors.  

3.Do not Speed 

Limiting your speed gives you enough time and preparation to react immediately to reckless drivers. In this way, you are able to control your car more.  

4.Do Not Drive When You are Angry or Tired 

Driving angry will make you impatient of anything and anyone not behaving correctly on the road, and this will make you a reckless driver as well. On the same hand, if you drive tired, you will lose more focus on what is happening in your surroundings, reducing your reaction time.  

5.Get out of Their Way 

When after observing, you finally spot someone using their phone, it is advised that you avoid them immediately. While they do not really pose harm, they are a potential cause of accidents and crashes. Just do not take the risk and move out of their way.  

Also, it might take some patience like slowing down before you can finally get rid of them entirely.  


Everyone is expected to act properly on the road. However, you cannot rely on others to do this, so one thing to be safe is to rely on yourself and avoid potential reckless drivers.