3 Reasons Not to Stare the Next Time You Pass by a Car Accident

I know for sure that you have passed by an accident on the road a few times in your life. Millions of people drive every day so it is not surprising to see an accident from time to time. Moreover, there are several causes of accidents on the road, such as flat tire, speeding, collisions, reckless driving, and more.  

When it comes to accidents, people are, fortunately, fast to act. This is why minutes from the actual accident, you will see an emergency, police, tow truck, and some people ready to help. This is where another problem comes in. A lot of drivers tend to slow down and stare at the car accident. This is called rubbernecking and it can be dangerous and inconvenient.  

The following are the reasons why you need to avoid staring and slowing down the next time you pass by a car accident: 

1.It slows down the traffic 

Rubbernecking does not necessarily cause any road accident. However, it potentially slows down the traffic and even causes inconvenience to the ambulance and police while responding. And because people who do rubbernecking are also distracted on the road, this might even cause another accident or collision to someone who is distracted by the accident too. Congested roads are more susceptible to accidents. Avoid that by now slowing down your car, taking a few minutes to look at what happened, and instead go on your way, and avoid congestion.  

2.You will become more distracted 

Rubbernecking causes visual and mental distractions. It is a no-brainer that not being focused on the road will actually increase the chances of accidents. This is the reason why some accidents are secondary accidents. In addition, there are people who cannot take the view of blood and gory things happening on the road. This leads them to be mentally distracted and less focused on their steering wheel.  

You also need to understand that a lot of people do rubbernecking and so, it is to assume that while it slows down the traffic, causes inconvenience to the ones who are offering help, it also is a potential ground for congestion and collisions.  

3.You will lose control 

Losing control is commonly observed when a person is distracted visually and mentally while driving on the road. This is caused by the loss of focus on his/her car and obsessing on the car accident that has happened. Staring at a car accident, and not paying attention to your driving is also similar to breaching your responsibility and duty to offer an environment that is safe for others on the road. Such an act of irresponsibility is subject to liability. This time, it is you who cause the inconvenience and reckless driving, a potential secondary accident.  

Final Thoughts 

While we understand that is can be a little bit tempting to slow down and watch a car accident, you need to understand that it is irresponsible, inconvenient, and dangerous. You are creating and causing a less safe environment for the other vehicles, creating congestion, slowing the traffic, and making things harder for the people on the road. Imagine if everyone is doing this. To avoid such a scene, mind your own pace next time you see an accident on the road.  

5 Tips for Avoiding Reckless Drivers Who are Distracted by Phones

Reckless driving is one of the causes of accidents on the road, and some of these accidents result in death, car damage, and property damage. Most of this recklessness is caused by a driver who consistently uses his/her phone. Sadly, despite the news of automobile crashes due to reckless driving, there are still a lot of people who cannot avoid using their phones while driving.  

No matter how you try to be careful on the road, so long as there are individuals who do this, you will never be completely safe. What makes this difficult is that you cannot spot them until it is too late; they already hit your car, or worse, a collision already happened. Remember to be always ready when these things happen like calling a tow truck and emergency. 

To avoid casualties, we will share with you some advice on how to present accidents by avoiding reckless drivers who are busied by their phones: 

1.Keep a Safe Distance from Any Cars 

This is a very safe approach to bring avoidant of potential reckless cars. By keeping a safe distance, you are able to minimize the chances of accidents and potential collisions. For example, if you stay a few meters behind the car in front of you, you will begin to notice how they behave and peek the driver’s seat and see what they are doing.  

2.Observe Other Cars 

This can be a little bit tricky. Of course, as a driver, you need to put your full attention on your wheels and your own car. However, to be safe from accidents and potential reckless drivers, you need to be a little bit observant of how the cars around you behave as well as what the drivers are doing. This requires a balance between the two. To be certain, you can use your mirrors and observe other drivers when it is safe to do so for 30-60 seconds.  

Keep your attention on the road while also observe cars and their behaviors.  

3.Do not Speed 

Limiting your speed gives you enough time and preparation to react immediately to reckless drivers. In this way, you are able to control your car more.  

4.Do Not Drive When You are Angry or Tired 

Driving angry will make you impatient of anything and anyone not behaving correctly on the road, and this will make you a reckless driver as well. On the same hand, if you drive tired, you will lose more focus on what is happening in your surroundings, reducing your reaction time.  

5.Get out of Their Way 

When after observing, you finally spot someone using their phone, it is advised that you avoid them immediately. While they do not really pose harm, they are a potential cause of accidents and crashes. Just do not take the risk and move out of their way.  

Also, it might take some patience like slowing down before you can finally get rid of them entirely.  


Everyone is expected to act properly on the road. However, you cannot rely on others to do this, so one thing to be safe is to rely on yourself and avoid potential reckless drivers. 

4 Things to Do to Your Vehicle to Prevent Infectious Bacteria and Viruses

With the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country, there is a need to take extra precautions, especially when dealing with our vehicles. Whether you are working on a towing service, an Uber driver, or a normal citizen with a vehicle, we know how we often use our cars to go to the malls, do groceries, and go to places where we purchase things and put them in our cars. Sometimes we fail to be bothered about cleaning and disinfecting our cars and they start to smell bad, or worse, they start accumulating viruses.  

You probably think that having a messy interior is a small thing, but you need to take note that once bacteria and viruses spread all over the car and all over you, you will probably have a hard time responding to it. 

The following are the things you can do to your vehicle in order to avoid the transmission of infectious bacteria and viruses: 

1.Wash your hands before driving 

Whenever you have access to water, soap, and sink, use the chance to clean your hands and remove the potential bacteria and viruses on the, before you decide to take the steering wheel and drive. However, we understand that not all the time you have access to soap and water especially when you are outside purchasing food or materials. In this case, a disinfectant or rubbing alcohol is enough. Make sure you clean your nails, fingers, and all parts of the hands.  

2.Use rubbing alcohol for upholstery 

When you frequently scrub your upholstery, this may cause some damages. So, one of the most effective ways to clean and disinfect your car is to use rubbing alcohol that is able t kill bacteria and viruses. Use rubbing alcohol with at least 70% solution. In this way, you are doing a soft disinfecting inside your vehicle. Focus on the high touch areas like armrests. 

3.Disinfect all surfaces inside the cabin 

If you have some disinfectant wipes, use them to clean all your hard surfaces inside the car. In this way, you will be able to clean and kill the viruses and bacteria on surfaces that are very exposed to humans’ touch including yours.  

Do not forget your steering wheel. Have a thorough cleaning procedure on your steering wheel s it is the most exposed apt of the car.  

4.Clean your leather surface with soapy water 

Using rubbing alcohol to clean and disinfect certain surfaces might not be good all the time especially for real leather surfaces as the alcohol has chemicals that can ruin the quality of the leather. In this case, you can use soapy water to clean your leathered surface. You can try poring them in small volumes while gently rubbing your leathered surface in order to remove bacteria and viruses. 

Final Thoughts  

While some people do not care about disinfecting their cars, we are here to tell you that in times like these where there is a constant threat of COVID-19 virus, there is no reason so skip cleaning your vehicle and disinfecting it. Always be safe and clean.  

The Benefits of a Curved Deck

As homeowners, we want just the best for our property and homes. We know that by investing in it, we are also making it more beautiful, more comfortable to live in, and more convenient to have. There are many ways on how to experience a good home: we can do renovations, remodel, repainting, or we can add some features, call professional deck builders, and put some decks in our property.  

Adding a deck can significantly change the entire appearance of the house. It also provides a lot of benefits like adding value to your home, attracting the guests, and the list goes on. However, not all decks are created equal. In this article, we will share with you a secret in having the best decks: choose a curved deck.  

A curved deck is a great option for you to have and the following elaborate on this argument: 

1.It is easier to maintain compared to traditional decks 

A curved deck’s maintenance is a little bit easier to do compared to other kinds of decks. Curved decks, unlike the traditional decks, do not have corners, where debris and dirt oftentimes accumulate. Rectangular and squared decks have corners which you need to consider — they can be difficult to clean. Curved decks allow you to sweep with ease the debris, leaves, and dirt away.  

2.It offers a unique and better design 

Adding a deck, in general, creates a significant change to the appearance of the house. A well-structured and designed deck will provide aesthetics on your outdoor space as well give you commodity and convenience — an outdoor space where you can relax and chill.  

While there is nothing wrong with rectangular and square decks, having a cured deck is what is modern and trendy now. Also, you need to consider the structure of your home and think of the options available. Overall, curved decks offer you a different feel ideal for a modern home.  

Of course, make sure you hire a professional service that knows how to match your houses’ style and appearance, as well as provide you with high-quality service and materials for your deck.  

3.It is very impressionable  

When you have a plan on reselling your home in the future, adding a deck onto your house will potentially increase the house’s value, and attract more potential buyers. Decks, in general, provide a fun outdoor space where the family can chill and relax. In addition to this, while rectangular and traditional decks are good, having a unique-styled curved deck will be twice attractive to the potential buyers. This is because when you look at the houses with decks, you will only see a few houses that have curved decks attached to their houses. Being unique will make your house stand out.  

Fall and early winter are the times ideal for building your deck. If you are interested, you can always reach professionals and hire them. See the options they can provide to you and if you see they offer a curved deck, you might as well try having it and see, experience for yourself the benefits it can provide to you and your house.  

The 5 Hardest Parts of a Tow Truck Driver’s Job

Whenever you encounter difficulty on the road or experience some accident, you cannot deny the need for help. Whether you need a towing service to transfer your car to a mechanical shop, or you need to be hauled after an accident, tow truck drivers are the ones whom you could rely on. They serve the public diligently and they are some of the unseen heroes on the road.  

Being a tow truck driver is not easy. They need to have the necessary training, licensing, and certifications in order to be qualified to serve the public on the road. They provide different roadside services for automobiles in any part of the state. In this article, we will deepen your sense of appreciation to these unseen heroes as we share with you the five hardest part of being a tow truck driver: 

1.They are exposed to dangerous surroundings 

Whenever they are accidents, tow truck drivers are quick to respond, and this does not give them ample time for finding a safe location. If the place already pose danger to small automobiles, this means that it also imposes threat and danger to bigger trucks like what they carry.  

2.They need to deal with the other motorists 

They need to be in the middle of the road while other vehicles are speeding up. The chances of the tow truck to get hit by reckless drivers while taking care of your vehicle is very high. Knowing that they are very big, small vehicles may take advantage of speeding up and even getting near the truck. This is very dangerous and can cause accidents and injuries.  

3.You call them in bad weather 

Whatever the weather is, so long as someone calls for help, they are expected to respond. Even this entails a rocky road or inconvenience because of the bad weather, tow truck drivers always welcome your need for help. Not only they need to handle their own loads in the middle of heavy rain, but they are also expected to handle with care the vehicle they are towing. This serves them extra burden given the fact that the tow truck they are driving is heavy and difficult enough. A tiny mistake on a slippery road in a heavy rain could potentially cause accidents and injuries.  

4.They are exposed to distractions  

Our tow truck drivers are always prone to distractions, internal or external. External distractions include other reckless drivers, small vehicles, the weight they are towing, bad weather, and others, while internal distractions include overfatigue because of their work, hunger, and thirst while driving long hours on the road, and the need to go to the toilet. Being self-aware is a very important thing that all tow drivers need to develop. 

5.There are road navigations 

Because they are maneuvering a huge truck and at the same time carrying a vehicle on their back, narrow lanes, twisting rods, and potholes are ten times harder for these drivers to overcome. Apart from the normal road hazards, their huge trucks and extra weight from the towed car make them very vulnerable and more susceptible to accidents.