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Current Solution: 74 Civilizations. Try Your Numbers.
N*, Number Of Sun-Like Stars In Galaxy 20 Billion To 350 Billion
fp, Percent of Stars With Planets 5% To 90%
ne, Avg Number of Life Potential Planets Per Star .5 To 5
fl, Percent Of Those That Will Develop Life 50% To 100%
fi, Percent Of Those That Will Develop Intelligent Life 0.1% To 10%
fc, Percent Of Those That Will Develop Radio Communication 1% To 50%
L, Number Of Years A Civilization Will Last 1,000 To 10,000 Years

The formulation of the Drake Equation used:

N = N* . fp . ne . fl . fi . fc . L/Tg

N* Estimated number of sun-like stars in galaxy
fpPercent of those stars with planets
neAverage number of life-potential planets per star
flPercent of those that will harbor life
fiPercent of those that will develop intelligent life
fcPercent of those that will develop radio communications
LNumber of years a civilization will exist
TgNumber of years a planet will exist

In this implimentation, Tg is assumed to be 10 billion years, the approximate time a planet exists.